We are immensely proud of what we have achieved together.

 - Over the years refugee 20 families have come to us for support.

 - Over 150 people have been facilitated in various ways.

 - There are currently 40 active volunteers and 19 professional people in the SSR support team.

Our Goals

We hope to be in some way form a substitute for a family support network. We try to bring the families together and help them create a sense of community and support.


Our core principle is independence. We know that once settled, these families can thrive on their own. In the meantime, we strive to facilitate communication within the families, bringing them together and helping to create the community networks necessary to live happy, independent lives.


We strongly believe these families and individuals are entitles to the same privileges as those of us who were born here. We help them in all aspects of  resettlement, providing direct support, facilitating support between families and helping to coordinate offers from the public along with the requests of the families.


We hope to give them the best possible start in their new lives.

We are moving towards become a charity and training individuals to be immigration advisors so that we can reach out to others. It is possible their may be a name change to reflect this growth!


Our Beneficiaries

The families all have support phone numbers, the interpreter’s numbers, and they know that if they contact one of us out of hours, they will receive help if it is urgent.


As of now, most of the men in our resettled refugee families are in full time or part time work.

Many of the women have expressed an interest in becoming involved in the catering industry and one has  launched YouTube Syrian cooking channel.  

At least four men have started their own removal and transport business.

One lad is finding success as a Musician and Rap Artist.

The families have settled in well, there have been    parties, weddings, babies. We expect to settle many more people in the years to come.


Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are incredible and inspiring!


We have a dedicated team of over 40 regularly active volunteers and over 150 more people in the community, that have also given their time, compassion, professional and practical skills to help our clients and to one another as a connected caring community.

They come from all ages and walks of life: Students, business people, teachers, therapists, home makers, self-employed, retirees. Some have their own or family experience of re-settling in the UK fleeing conflict or persecution, some have lived deep roots in County are wait to welcome those seeking sanctuary here.

They contribute in many different ways, from arranging trips or hospital appointments to giving English language sessions and befriending. From helping people find their way in new surroundings  and systems to those sorting donations of household items and clothing ready to be recieved by those newly arrived with next to nothing.

The generosity and dedication. Shropshire Supports Refugees volunteers means as an organisations we are able to provide vital support and services and the friendship and welcome that make all the difference to individuals and families rebuilding their lives in our county.

Whether you have a few hours to give on a regular basis, to a few days to give in a one off offer of help.  If you have skills or companionship to offer, we are always pleased to receive more volunteers.

Follow the link below to find out more about our volunteering and to get in touch with us.


Our Partners

This section will provide some information on our partnership organisations.

Awaiting copy.


Our History

In 2016, displaced Syrian families began relocating to Shropshire under the UNHCR programme fior vulnerable persons. Refugee Action were commissioned to provide formal re-settling support and Amanda, the founder of Shropshire Supports Refugees, began to coordinate the many offers of informal help, donations and friendship from local people.  


In 2017, Shropshire Supports Refugees became a not-for-profit Community Interest Company. Our work to support the families in their new lives continues, mostly via a closed social media group of over 600 members.

After working with Refugee Action in 2016, after a trip to Calais, Amanda decided to start a Facebook group for refugees and refugee friendly people in Shrewsbury.


It has grown from 30 to over 1000. Soon she became so busy coordinating requests and supporting families that she quit her job, and began to work with the families full time, supported financially by grants from Shropshire councils resettlement fund and 2 lottery grants.


We have also been incredibly lucky to have been grated four years free storage by Storage Kings.

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