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The Support Hub

The Shropshire Supports Refugees Support Hub - all are welcome

We have been lucky enough to develop a new support service, The Hub. From here we coordinate a number of further support systems.


We hold an ad-hoc support clinic with Shropshire Councils refugee resettlement co-ordinator. This includes interpreter support at our venue.

We help them with issues around housing, benefits, work, medical support with GP’s, and support around mental health and hospital visits.  We also provide:

- Collection of household goods, toys, clothes

- Fundraising to provide the families with TV’s, kitchen appliances, extra household goods they may need

- English practice volunteers/ befriending (all DBS checked)

- We run parties, activity days, educational workshops and parties.

For more information on other services that we provide please use the contact us form.

Group Sessions

Group Sessions


We are able to provide regular and special occasional group sessions that change over time to reflect the evolving needs and wishes of our client group. All of which go towards support families as they establish themselves into their new lives in Shropshire. Since our foundation, such activities have included: 

- Weekly English classes

- Weekly Women’s groups

- Family groups

- Activity days in the school holidays for the children

- Educational opportunities

  (first aid/ food hygiene etc)

- ESOL support

- Online mental health support

- Stress management courses and advice

Educational Support

Children's Education Support


We have developed a school support post,  in collaboration with Shropshire Council, with the help of our wonderful refugee support TA.

Due to COVID-19's impact, our weekly homework club, co-hosted with Shrewsbury School has been suspended.

Some of the older children where able to access extra help with their homework at The Hub after school.


In previous years Concord school invited some of our children annually to join them in the summer school and this is a relationship we hope to revive post pandemic.

Currently we offer homework support on-line and extra ESOL Support in school as required.

Children at the Shrewsbury Homework Club

In 2018 Shrewsbury School were named at the Festival of Education as the winners of an international competition that asked young  people to tackle the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in their local community, in part for their ‘Homework Club’ work  with SSR.

Image: Syrian Children and Shrewsbury School Pupil at a Homework Club event.

Condover School.jpg

Image: Concord College Summer School class of 2018. 

Eight children from SSR families were amongst 18 children given  scholarship places.

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