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We have been collecting some testimonials from some of our Hub users who all describe the warm welcome and professional level of support they have been grateful to receive - one said our volunteers are like 'guardian angels'! We like that!

After the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, I was forced to leave my home with my family. I did not plan to leave my country, but after constant bombings, I realised that there was no other way out.

In December 2022, we arrived in Shrewsbury. We got into a friendly family of sponsors. The day after we arrived, we came to the Hub for the first time. The staff welcomed us hospitably, listened to us carefully, answered all our questions, enrolled us in ESOL courses and provided us with all the necessary information. 

The staff members are very qualified, friendly, attentive, and speak several languages, so there were no problems at all in communication and information could be obtained in any language.

 After a difficult journey, especially in the last months in Ukraine, we needed emotional support and we received it at the Hub. The staff members of the Hub organised thematic events and interesting activities for both adults and children, which made it possible for us to make new acquaintances and friends from different parts of the world. We have another big family now! Thank you, dear staff members of the Hub, for everything you have done and continue to do!


I came with my family to the UK from Ukraine because we fled the war that began in our beautiful peaceful country. We had a great life in Ukraine and the decision to leave our home and our family wasn't easy at all. After a few missiles hit our city, we decided that it was time to save our child and leave everything behind. We found out about SSR from our sponsors who brought us to the Community Hub the next day we arrived in the UK. The staff members were always polite, helpful, understanding, and supportive. They have helped us in so many different ways: from SIM cards to bus passes, from leisure vouchers to English courses. The list is very long. The help is always massive and we're so grateful for everyday support. Thank you, SSR, for always being here! We don't know what it would look like if there wasn't a Community Hub in Shropshire because it's not just a space for community but also a support that makes our lives a lot easier here!




I arrived in the UK under the Homes for Ukraine scheme because of the horrible war in my native country. We were lucky to find the sponsors for our family in the UK. I am a mother of two wonderful children. We were supported by SSR since our very first visit. Thanks to the support of SSR and community HUb my children had started to study at an English school; we were offered free English lessons, leisure vouchers, accessed the warehouse, provided interpreting and translation services and given help to successfully resolve many issues. We are grateful for their help. 




I lived in Ukraine and had a happy life. When the war started in 2022 I was 15 years old. Together with my sister, I came to Shropshire. It was difficult as it’s a different education system. We had no friends, no relatives and no idea about the future. When I started to visit the hub, I found friends with whom I can spend free time. I visited some activities which are very interesting. I joined a Whats App community of Ukrainians where we share our experiences. I started to develop my hobby, baking and making cakes. SSR is an amazing team who support and inspire people. 




From the first days of my move to England, SSR provided me with a lot of help. Firstly, they gave me a free SIM card, they helped me to register with a GP, they helped me with learning English (the centre provides free English lessons for refugees). They also provided me with free clothes. The centre also regularly holds meetings with organisations that help with employment - the list of the issues they helped me with goes on endlessly. Thank you very much to all the staff of the centre, especially Amanda, Emma, Mila, Stanislav, Elena, Anton and Tatiana. 




We arrived in Great Britain in June 2022. We were met by our sponsors who were very warm. The next day, they showed us where the Hub is and introduced us to the staff and visitors. We were glad to meet such lovely people. We were shown the warehouse where we could find the clothes we needed. When we moved out of our sponsors’ home, it was Amanda who helped us to stay in Shrewsbury and arranged for us to stay in the hotel in the centre of town. When we rented our flat, Amanda helped us apply for and receive discretionary housing payment. I think the Hub is a great place to come and get any help. It doesn’t matter what questions arise. People for the Hub are always ready to help give advice and psychological support. 

I would like to share my experience of communicating with the staff at the Hub in Shrewsbury. My first acquaintance with them began a year ago when my husband and I began the process of looking for housing for rent. We lived with our sponsors in a village far from Shrewsbury and didn’t understand at all what we needed to do to successfully go through this process. When I had problems applying for housing, I was advised to write in the Hub chat group and ask for help so I did. How amazed I was when a stranger called me five minutes later and explained everything professionally about what my problem was and what to do next. That’s how I met Lena. I communicated with her about many issues long before meeting in person. Thanks to her advice and professionalism I managed to avoid many mistakes and in a week of viewing real estate I won in two cases. It was fantastic! The next no less important step was the registration and resolution of problems with the account from previous tenants. I can honestly say that I would not have been able to solve them without the Hub. I can’t list all the tasks performed by members for my family. There are too many, from a small operation in the hospital, for which Tatiana accompanied me, to countless misunderstandings with bills from service providers at home. I also found a lot of useful information which is always organised and updated by staff. I have no idea what we would have done when our English is not at the level to communicate freely. They are like guardian angels, always nearby and ready to help. They greet us with a smile in the Hub and I always want to come there to see them one more time. Even now, when it seems that a year has passed, we already know a lot, but this is not enough for a comfortable life in Great Britain.

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