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Our Volunteers

​Our volunteers are incredible and inspiring!


We have a dedicated team of  active volunteers and over many more people in the community, that have also given their time, compassion, professional and practical skills to help our clients and to one another as a connected caring community.

They come from all ages and walks of life: Students, business people, teachers, therapists, home makers, self-employed, retirees. Some have their own or family experience of re-settling in the UK fleeing conflict or persecution, some have lived deep roots in County are wait to welcome those seeking sanctuary here.

They contribute in many different ways, from arranging trips or hospital appointments to giving English language sessions and befriending. From helping people find their way in new surroundings  and systems to those sorting donations of household items and clothing ready to be received by those newly arrived with next to nothing.

The generosity and dedication. Shropshire Supports Refugees volunteers means as an organisations we are able to provide vital support and services and the friendship and welcome that make all the difference to individuals and families rebuilding their lives in our county.

Whether you have a few hours to give on a regular basis, to a few days to give in a one off offer of help.  If you have skills or companionship to offer, we are always pleased to receive more volunteers.

Follow the link below to find out more about our volunteering and to get in touch with us.

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